goblin.tools is a collection of small, simple, single-task tools, mostly designed to help neurodivergent people with tasks they find overwhelming or difficult.

Most tools will use AI technologies in the back-end to achieve their goals. Currently this includes OpenAI's models. As the tools and backend improve, the intent is to move to an open source alternative.

The AI models used are general purpose models, and so the accuracy of their output can vary. Nothing returned by any of the tools should be taken as a statement of truth, only guesswork. Please use your own knowledge and experience to judge whether the result you get is valid.

goblin.tools is offered free and available to all. It will stay free without ads or paywalls. Mobile apps of the tools are offered at a low price (on Android and iOS), which will help cover the running and maintenance costs so the website can stay completely free. Keeping the tools freely available in a convenient form is a foundational principle to us.

goblin.tools is written and maintained by Bram De Buyser, a freelance software engineer. He's on twitter, reddit, on Bluesky, and sometimes Mastodon. You can find his contact information on his professional site at skyhook.be. He is also building an ad-free, tracking-free social network at drabble.social. It is now in public preview and accepting registrations. Bram also runs wourdle.com, a 6-letter wordle version for British English.

Disclaimer: goblin.tools, Skyhook, and Bram De Buyser take no responsibility for the results, or for how you use them.

goblin.tools is not affiliated with, or endorses, any websites or apps other than those mentioned on this page.

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